About us

Everything you wanted to know about our search engine that's fit to print.

Quality, Not Quantity

Small Little Robot favours quality over quantity. We’re best used when you’re searching for something general and want only the best online resources for that topic, rather than wading through page-after-page search results of click-bait, content farmed crap, and adverts masquerading as search results.

If you’re searching for something super-specific, needle-in-a-haystack style, then search engines like DuckDuckGo, Bing and Google are your best bet. That’s because we filter out 99% of the drudge, leaving only the gems for you to ponder.

We're the robot. Not you.

We don’t track your personal digital footprint on Small Little Robot. We won’t sell or share your data with third-parties - because, hey, we don’t even have your data! We never cyber-stalk you or do any of that creepy stuff. We're the product. Not you.